Back to School 3D Layered Alphabet

3D Layered Letter Cut Files with School Supplies

This back to school 3D layered alphabet design comes in 5 layers and includes SVG, EPS, DXF, and PNG cut files so you can cut this design on a Cricut, Silhouette, or other cutting machines.

Back to School 3D Layered Alphabet Cut Files

It’s that time of year again when summer is winding down and the kids are heading back to school.  Whether that’s physically back to school or virtually, there’s still the excitement of starting a new school year.

I designed this Back to School 3D Layered Alphabet cut files with both teachers and students in mind.  Included with each latter is an apple as well as a ruler, pencil, crayon, or stack of books.

If you’re a teacher, this design is perfect to make your own DIY classroom decorations spelling out your name to place on the wall or make a Welcome Back message for your new students, even if it’s in the background on a Zoom call.

My kids are starting the year off with virtual learning so I’m using this design to decorate their space with their names above their desks.  It’s also the perfect design to add to a card to commemorate the special day.

Let me show you how to make one using cardstock paper.

Materials & Supplies


Upload the Back to School Layered Alphabet Cut File

Upload the Back to School Layered Alphabet to Cricut Design Space

This is what the design will look like when you add it to Cricut Design Space.  Resize the design if necessary.

Each letter is originally 8 inches tall but the width varies for each letter depending on what school supplies have been added.  Keep the width in mind if you’re using this in a frame.

The design can be resized using the Edit Toolbar at the top of the page.

Resize the Layered Letter

Now you’re ready to cut it.  Click Make It in the upper-right hand corner and you’ll be taken to the prepare screen.

Here you’ll want to select your material size.  Then click Continue.

Select your material size and click continue

Connect to your machine and select your material.  For all of my layered designs, I use the Cardstock (for intricate cuts) setting.

This setting along with a clean, sticky mat will ensure you have a nice, clean cut.

Use the Cardstock for intricate cut setting.

Assembling the Back to School Layered Alphabet


My favorite foam adhesive is the 0.12-inch circles from Forever in Time.  They are incredibly small but they work perfectly for intricate layered designs.


5 Layers of the Back to School Alphabet-01

M Back to School Letter-01

Click here to download

Need more inspiration?  Find more Back to School project ideas using these designs below.

Back to School Craft Project Ideas

Layered designs aren’t just for paper.  Use layered designs with other types of materials like heat-transfer vinyl, permanent vinyl, window cling, and more.

    • Shadow boxes for wall decor
    • Wall decals
    • Pennant banners
    • Iron-on vinyl decorative throw pillow
    • Iron-on vinyl t-shirt
    • Stickers
    • Greeting cards
    • Decorations
    • Coffee mugs

Tips for cutting the Back to School Layered Alphabet

When cutting any detailed design there are a few tricks to make sure you’re not wasting time and materials.

  1. Always uses a clean mat

    Anytime I’m not getting a clean-cut, it’s usually because my mat isn’t sticky enough.  Clean the mat using a scarper to get any particles off and then wipe it down with a baby wipe and let it dry.

  2. Make sure your blade is free of any debris

    If your blade starts to tear the design, rather than cut it, pull the blade from the machine and check to make sure there aren’t any small pieces stuck to it.

  3. Use the right material setting

    If For detailed cuts on layered designs I use the Cardstock (for intricate cuts) setting on my Cricut Maker.  It uses 182 cut pressure with the Fine-Point Blade and cuts the material twice.  It’s made a huge difference when cutting these types of designs.

  4. Do a test cut first

    If you’re using other types of materials other than Cardstock, do a test cut first to make sure the settings are correct.  It’s so disappointing when you wait for your design to cut and it didn’t cut through correctly.

  5. Bend the mat not the material

    Always bend your mat away from the material, keeping your design flat, when trying to release it from the mat.  Especially when using cardstock.  Otherwise, you’ll end up bending the design and it will be difficult to get it to lay flat again.

  6. Find the right color palette

    Each design takes on its own look and feel depending on the colors you choose.  Need help finding the right color palette?  Head over to my blog post on Choosing the Right Color Combinations for Crafting to learn how to choose the right color palette for your next project.

School Supplies Layered Letters Cut Files

3D Layered Letter Cut Files with School Supplies