DIY Alphabet Mandala Kids Home Decor

Alphabet Mandala Shadowbox on Kid's Desk

Now that my kids will be doing virtual learning for the unforeseen future, I wanted to create a space for them that was dedicated to learning, being creative, and was their very own.

My kids are still very little so the alphabet was the perfect way to decorate their space.

I designed this 8 layer Alphabet Mandala that can be personalized with your child’s first initial and favorite colors.

Want to make this design into a shadow box?  Here’s what you’ll need.

How to Cut an Alphabet Mandala in Cricut Design Space

Follow these easy steps to make the Alphabet Mandala using Cricut Design Space.


Insert Image to Cricut Design Space

You’ll see all of the layers in the Layers Panel on the right side of your screen.

First, click Ungroup at the top of the Layers Panel.  This will ungroup the two sets of letters from the mandala.

Click Ungroup to separate the two sets of letters from the mandala.
Select if you’d like to add an initial as the top layer.  If so, choose which letter you’d like to use and delete or hide the rest.  You can hide the group of letters or individual letters by clicking the Eye.

If you’re not using a letter as the top layer go ahead and delete or hide all of the letters.

Select which letter you want to use as the top layer and delete or hide the rest.

Before increasing the size of the top letter layer, resize the mandala.  You can do this by selecting the mandala group and resizing it in the Edit Toolbar at the top.  I made mine 8 in x 8 in.

Next resize the mandala.

Now you can resize the top letter layer to your desired size.  For this, use the drag option to resize the letter by holding down the two arrows in the bottom right-hand corner of the layer and dragging it.

Drag the top letter layer to the size you want it.


Now you're ready to cut the files. Click Make It in the upper right-hand corner.

Alphabet Mandala 8 Layers


Click Here to Download the Alphabet Layered Mandala

Please remember these are for personal use only.  If you’re looking to sell products using these designs please purchase a Commercial Use License here

Decorate the kid's space with this 8-Layer Alphabet Layered Mandala by Maggie Rose Design Co.