10 Ways to Sneak Crafting Into Your Busy Schedule

Having a hard time finding time to craft?   Here are some tips and tricks to
help you sneak crafting into your busy schedule.  

Find time to craft

Seriously, who has time to craft these days? With work, family, and everything in between, it can be hard to even catch up on our favorite shows, let alone some quiet time to craft.

Life keeps getting busier and busier.  My husband is traveling for work, the kids are on their third cold this month and my co-worker decided to quit which leaves me picking up more than I can handle at work.   Forget finding time to craft, I can’t even find time to run to the grocery store to feed my family.

Being so busy can make me a very grumpy individual.  Have you found that when you have time to craft you’re a happier person?  I DO!

I need me time once in a while to refill my cup and make me feel whole again.   These days it’s hard to find time to craft as much as I would like to, but I have found some simple ways to sneak crafting into my days and weeks, that allow me to craft a lot more than I thought I could.

I’ve put together my top 10 tips and what I do to find time to craft even during the busiest weeks!


  1. Rise and Grind

    Similar to working out, some days the only way to get time to yourself is to wake up early.    Okay, maybe you’ll have to now decide whether to workout or craft, I know I struggle with that decision too but either way, it’s a win.  Having an hour to yourself in the morning starts the day off on the right track.  So set your alarm an hour earlier tomorrow, grab a cup of coffee and get started on your next project!

  2. Crunch

    Crafting during lunch = Crunch.  Lunchtime is your time so why not take a mental break from work and spend that time crafting.  Most of us eat at our desk or in our cars anyway during lunch.   Either spend the time actually crafting or hop online and plan out your next project by watching tutorials or ordering supplies.  You’ll feel rejuvenated going into the afternoon having spent some time on yourself and motivated for your next craft session.

  3. Be a Craft Ninja

    No not the blender, the warrior!  With busy schedules, it’s hard to find time to craft.  Sometimes we have to channel our inner Ninja and sneak around to get your crafting in wherever you can.  Kids are taking a nap?  CRAFT.   Your spouse is watching Band of Brothers AGAIN?  CRAFT.

  4. Craft with Friends

    There is nothing more fun than crafting with friends.  Why not host a crafting party with a few girlfriends to help get a project completed?   Grab some wine, cheese and crackers, and some dark chocolate and craft away!  You’ll have so much fun you’ll want to make it a monthly thing.

  5. Road Show

    It seems like we’re always on the go.  Taking the kids to school, grocery shopping, ballet class, doctor’s appointments, you name it, the list goes on and on.  Take your project with you.  Even if you can’t physically craft on the road, spend time ensuring you have the right supplies, find the design you want to use or watch tutorials online so you’re ready to craft when you get home.

  6. Block It Out

    The best way to find time to craft is to block time out on your calendar.  If you don’t have much going on over the weekend, block an hour on Saturday afternoon and ask your spouse to play with the kids.  And return the favor so they can do their own thing for an hour too.  Make it a weekly thing so you both have time to do something for yourself.

  7. Have a Plan

    Having a to-do list creates order and helps you prioritize.   I love finding cute downloadable to-do lists online to make having a long list more enjoyable.  It’s so gratifying checking items off the list and it helps you keep everything straight.

  8. Play Time = Craft Time

    Make playtime, craft time and let your kids join in on the fun.    Let them help you push the buttons on your cutting machine, glue something together or pick out colors for you.  Or if you don’t want them to help with YOUR project, find a similar project for them to work on.

  9. Do What You Can

    It’s hard to complete a project from start to finish in one sitting.  That rarely ever happens!  Give yourself a break and be proud of what you can do even if it’s just a few minutes.  All of the small things will add up and getting a project done over a week or month is better than not at all.

  10. Make It About Money

    Money is a great motivator.  If you have friends and family asking you to make products for them, perhaps it’s time to take the plunge and start your own shop.  Knowing you’re making money crafting can help ensure you find time to do it.

However and whenever it is, I hope these ideas help you find time to craft.  I know it’s tough when life gets so busy but you deserve having the time to do something you enjoy and that ultimately helps you be the best version of yourself!

Share with fellow crafters by pinning the below cheat sheet and click through to print one out for yourself.  Happy crafting!

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10 Ways to Sneak Crafting Into Your Busy Schedule