Free Fall Layered Letter SVG Cut Files

3D Layered Letter Cut Files for Fall

This 3D Fall-themed layered letters come in 5 layers and includes SVG, EPS, DXF, and PNG cut files so you can cut this design on a Cricut, Silhouette, or other cutting machines.

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Aww, Fall!  My absolute favorite time of year.   As soon as Labor Day comes and goes, in my house that’s the signal to start decorating for Fall.

Anything red, orange, and yellow that have leaves or a pumpkin on it come out of hiding.

I designed this 3D Fall Layered Letter cut files to help spruce up our Fall home decor.  I’m always looking for an excuse to design and to craft!

This design is a must to download to create your own personalized home decor or seasonal gifts.

Let me show you how to cut one in Cricut Design Space using cardstock.

Materials & Supplies


Upload the Fall Layered Letter Cut Files

Upload the Back to School Layered Alphabet to Cricut Design Space

This is what the design will look like when you add it to Cricut Design Space.  Resize the design if necessary.

Each letter is originally 8 inches tall but the width varies for each letter.  Keep the width in mind if you’re using this in a frame.

The design can be resized using the Edit Toolbar at the top of the page.  I resized mine to 4 inches tall so I could fit them on the Canvas.

Resize the Layered Letter

Next, duplicate the letter L by selecting and clicking on Duplicate on the top of the Layers Panel on the right.

This will automatically duplicate it at the size you have the current letter.

Duplicate the Letter L but clicking Duplicate on the top of the Layers Panel

Now you’re ready to cut it.  Click Make It in the upper-right hand corner and you’ll be taken to the prepare screen.

Here you’ll want to select your material size.  Now for me, even if I’m using 8.5″ x 11 ” paper there is no reason why the letters of the same color couldn’t be cut on one sheet of paper.

Select your material size

To move items to another mat simply click on the letter you want to move, select the three dots in the upper left-hand corner, and click Move.

Move items to another mat to save time and space

Then, select which mat you want to move the letter to.  You will have to do this for each one, which is a pain but will save you time on cutting and on paper which is a plus!

Once the letter is moved to the new mat you will need to move it to an empty spot on the mat so the letters aren’t stacked on top of each other.

Select the mat you want to move the letter to.

Now it’s time to connect to your machine and select your material.  For all of my layered designs, I use the Cardstock (for intricate cuts) setting.

This setting along with a clean, sticky mat will ensure you have a nice, clean cut.

Use the Cardstock for intricate cut setting.

Assembling the Free Fall Layered Letters


My favorite foam adhesive is the 0.12-inch circles from Forever in Time.  They are incredibly small but they work perfectly for intricate layered designs.


5 Layers of Free Fall Layered Letters

3D Fall Layered Letters

This was made using Recollections Spice Market cardstock.  Perfect fall colors!

Click here to download

Need more inspiration?  Find more Fall project ideas using these designs below.

Fall Layered Letter Project Ideas

Layered designs aren’t just for paper.  Use layered designs with other types of materials like heat-transfer vinyl, permanent vinyl, window cling, and more.

    • Shadow boxes for wall decor
    • Wall decals
    • Pennant banners
    • Iron-on vinyl decorative throw pillow
    • Iron-on vinyl t-shirt
    • Stickers
    • Greeting cards
    • Decorations
    • Coffee mugs

Tips for cutting the Fall Layered Letters

When cutting any detailed design there are a few tricks to make sure you’re not wasting time and materials.

  1. Always uses a clean mat

    Anytime I’m not getting a clean-cut, it’s usually because my mat isn’t sticky enough.  Clean the mat using a scarper to get any particles off and then wipe it down with a baby wipe and let it dry.

  2. Make sure your blade is free of any debris

    If your blade starts to tear the design, rather than cut it, pull the blade from the machine and check to make sure there aren’t any small pieces stuck to it.

  3. Use the right material setting

    If For detailed cuts on layered designs I use the Cardstock (for intricate cuts) setting on my Cricut Maker.  It uses 182 cut pressure with the Fine-Point Blade and cuts the material twice.  It’s made a huge difference when cutting these types of designs.

  4. Do a test cut first

    If you’re using other types of materials other than Cardstock, do a test cut first to make sure the settings are correct.  It’s so disappointing when you wait for your design to cut and it didn’t cut through correctly.

  5. Bend the mat not the material

    Always bend your mat away from the material, keeping your design flat, when trying to release it from the mat.  Especially when using cardstock.  Otherwise, you’ll end up bending the design and it will be difficult to get it to lay flat again.

  6. Find the right color palette

    Each design takes on its own look and feel depending on the colors you choose.  Need help finding the right color palette?  Head over to my blog post on Choosing the Right Color Combinations for Crafting to learn how to choose the right color palette for your next project.

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Free Fall Layered Letter SVG Cut Files

3D Layered Letter Cut Files for Fall



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