How to Make a Monogrammed Holiday Pillow

DIY Monogrammed Christmas Pillow

This monogrammed pillow makes a great personalized gift for the holiday season and a great way to decorate for the holidays using a multi-layer design and heat transfer vinyl. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make your own monogrammed Christmas pillow this holiday season.

DIY Holiday Monogrammed Pillow

Make your holidays warm and cozy with a festive holiday pillow, specially designed with a beautiful monogram. 

This pillow was made using my Holiday Layered Alphabet and two different colors of heat transfer vinyl.

Layering the vinyl gives elegant detail to this design.  I love using heat transfer vinyl.  The material is so easy to use and the color options are endless.  You can customize it by using colors that match your holiday style.

The pillows you can buy online on Amazon or I bought this one from Ikea.  And while you can add Heat transfer vinyl directly on a pillow, I do find it’s easier to apply the HTV on the pillowcase before putting it on the pillow.

Let me show you how to make a Holiday Monogrammed Pillow in Cricut Design Space.

This can also be made using a Silhouette, Brother Scan n Cut, or another cutting machine.  Just choose the file type that works for your machine.  You can reference the ‘How to use cut files’ document included in the zip file to learn which file type is needed for your cutting machine.

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Materials & Supplies



Click Upload Image, then Browse, and navigate to the SVG files.

Select the layered letter and insert it into Design Space



Resize the layered letter using the Edit Toolbar


Select your material size on the Prepare Screen

IMPORTANT:  When using heat transfer vinyl you must mirror your image.   Toggle the Mirror button on for every mat.  Each letter should be backward before hitting Continue.

Don't forget to mirror each mat

Select the material you're using for your pillow

After you cut the design, weed the letters using a weeding tool.  

Once the letters have been weeded, it’s time to layer the letters onto the pillowcase.

Start by heating up your Easypress, heat press, or iron.  If using an Easypress you can check Cricut’s Heat Guide here.   The time and temperature will depend on the material you’re using as well.

Use Cricut's Heat Guide to determine the time and temperature

My pillowcase is 100% cotton so I’m heating mine to 330 degrees per the above guide.  Since we’re layering the vinyl you won’t use the full time that’s recommended, I’ve set the time to 15 seconds.

Set the time and temperature of your Easy Press

Before applying the letters do a pre-heat by ironing the pillowcase for 15 seconds to get out any moisture.

Preheat the pillowcase for 15 seconds before applying the letters

Start with the bottom letter.  Center the letter on the pillowcase.

Center the bottom layer on the pillowcase

Add a Teflon sheet over the letter, add the EasyPress and push the green C.  Just apply light pressure.

Add a Teflon sheet over the letter and press for 15 seconds.

Remove the EasyPress and the Teflon sheet.  Let the vinyl cool slightly before peeling.

Let the vinyl cool slightly before peeling.

Add the 4th layer to the top of the bottom layer.

Add the 4th layer to the top of the bottom layer.  

Add the Teflon sheet over the vinyl and apply the EasyPress for 15 more seconds.  Let the vinyl cool slightly before peeling.

Let the vinyl cool slightly before peeling.

Continue until you’ve completed all of the layers.  On the last layer let the EasyPress go for the full 30 seconds.

Here’s what my final product looks like.

Final Monogrammed Throw Pillow

This monogrammed accent throw pillow will certainly stand out and add the finishing touches to your holiday decor.

I know you’ll want them for yourself, but remember that these throw pillows also make a fabulous gift!

Ready to make your own?

Click here to download

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DIY Monogrammed Christmas Pillow with Free Cut FIles

DIY Christmas Monogrammed Pillow