How to Make a Monogrammed Mug with Waterslide Decal Paper

Make a Holiday Waterslide Decal Mug

This holiday coffee mug uses a multi-layer design and special waterslide decal paper to easily make your own personalized mug at home. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make your own monogrammed Christmas mug this holiday season.

Monogrammed Waterslide Decal Mug

Snuggle up and get in the holiday spirit with this personalized DIY Monogrammed Holiday Mug.

These mugs are easy to make thanks to Waterslide Decal Paper.  This special paper allows you to print a design on your home printer and apply it to items made of ceramic, glass, and other materials. 

All of my designs come with a PNG file that you simply upload to your cutting machine design software and cut it using the print n cut feature or you can also cut it by hand.

Let me show you how to make this personalized holiday mug in Cricut Design Space using my Holiday Layered Alphabet.

This can also be made using a Silhouette, Brother Scan n Cut, or another cutting machine.  Just choose the file type that works for your machine.  You can reference the ‘How to use cut files’ document included in the zip file to learn which file type is needed for your cutting machine.

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Materials & Supplies

  For this project, we’re using the PNG file, not the SVG file format.

Here you’ll need to select the image type Complex and hit Continue.

Select Image Type Complex for this design and click save

There shouldn’t be any additional areas you need to erase so just click Continue.

Click Continue

On this page, you can rename the image and add tags if you’d like.  Then select Save as Print Then Cut image and hit Save.

Save as Print Then Cut Image and hit Save

Select the N from the Uploaded Images

Below is what the design will look like when you add it to Cricut Design Space.  It’s way too big so let’s resize it.

The Layered Letter N in Cricut Design Space

For a 15 oz mug, I resize my images to 3″ tall.  Make sure you measure your mug or whatever product you’re using and resize the letter to the correct dimensions using the Edit Toolbar at the top.

Resize the letter using the Edit Toolbar at the top

When you’re ready to print it, click Make It in the upper-right hand corner and you’ll be taken to the prepare screen.

Layered letter on the prepare screen

First, you’ll need to print the image on your printer.  Click Send to Printer and follow the instructions to print using your home printer and the Waterslide Decal Paper.  Tip:  Print your image on the glossy side.

Print the image on your home printer

Next, let the ink on the paper dry.  Then head outside to spray the paper with the Krylon Acrylic Coating.  Spray an even coat, let dry and repeat two more times until you have completed three coats.

Spray 3 coats of acrylic coating

Now it’s time to connect to your machine and select your material.  For decal paper, I use the Medium Cardstock – 80 lb (216 gsm).

Connect to your printer and selec the material

Applying the Waterslide Decal Paper to the Mug

Submerge the design in water for 30-60 seconds

Then slowly slide the coating and paper off the backing and onto the mug.

Then slowly slide the design off the backing

Take a damp cloth and get out any bubbles, then dry the surface with a paper towel.

Here’s a look at my finished product.

Monogrammed Coffee Cup Letter N

This beautiful mug is a great gift idea and a perfect match for those cold winter nights.

Fill one up with chocolates or holiday decor and they make a darling, and not too expensive gift.

Ready to make your own?

Click here to download

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