How to Make Anything Buffalo Plaid in Cricut Design Space

Learn to make any design a buffalo plaid design in Cricut Design Space
by layering on a Buffalo Plaid SVG cut file. 

How to make anything buffalo plaid in Cricut Design Space

It’s not easy finding buffalo plaid vinyl that isn’t the traditional red or green color.

Even when I have used the buffalo plaid vinyl the cut never seemed to be positioned right and I wished there was a way for me to have better control over the colors and the placement of the pattern.

The answer?

A Buffalo Plaid SVG that allows you to make anything buffalo plaid.

Buffalo Plaid SVG Cut Files

Follow the below tutorial to see how to apply the buffalo plaid trend to your design.

How to make a buffalo plaid design in Cricut Design Space


Tip: Watch a step-by-step video of this tutorial here.

Step 1

Purchase the Buffalo Plaid Cut Files and download it to your computer.

Step 2

Go to Cricut Design Space and add your main design! To do this, click New Project > Image on the left side if you’re using an image from Design Space.  Or use a design you already have by clicking New Project > Upload and upload the design from your computer.

Upload your main image to Cricut Design Space

Next, resize your image to the size you’ll be using when you cut it out.

Tip: Change the color of the image to make it easier to see how to layer the buffalo plaid.

Step 3

Upload the Buffalo Plaid SVG cut file by clicking Upload and selecting the SVG file from your computer.

Upload the Buffalo Plaid Pattern to Design Space

Resize the Buffalo Plaid layer so it fits over your main design.

Resize the Buffalo Plaid Pattern

Tip: Try to line the black solid squares to the top and the sides of the main design so that you don’t have random parts of the pattern showing.

Step 4

Create a duplicate of your main design.  To do this, select the main design in the layers panel on the right-hand side.  Either Right Click > Copy > Paste or CRTL C (Command C on Mac) > CTRL V (Commend V on Mac).

Then hide the image by clicking the eye in the upper right-hand corner of that layer.

Create a duplicate of the main design and hide it

Step 5

Select the original main design and the buffalo plaid design and click Slice in the bottom right-hand corner of the layers panel.

Select the design and the buffalo plaid pattern and click 'slice'

Step 6

Delete the top three layers.  What you have left us the buffalo plaid design in the shape of your main design.

Change the color to black or whatever color you want the buffalo plaid pattern to be.

You now have the buffalo plaid pattern in the shape of your main design

Step 7

Unhide the duplicate image of your design.  Select both layers and click Align > Center Horizontally > Center Vertically.

Select both layers and align horizontally and align vertically

Now cut both layers on different colored vinyl.  You won’t believe how easy it is to weed the buffalo plaid cut file!

And just like that, MAGIC!  Your very own buffalo plaid vinyl in whatever color your heart desires. This is where the fun starts and where you can really start getting creative.

Buffalo Plaid doesn’t have to be traditional.

Here’s one of my Valentine’s Day designs using hot pink vinyl and layering on the Buffalo Plaid SVG cut file.

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  3. OMG. It never occurred to me that I could do this myself!! It’s like making your own patterned HTV!!!

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