How to Make DIY Paper Snowflake Garland

Make a DIY Snowflake Garland with Fairy Lights

This magical paper snowflake garland uses multi-layer snowflakes to create dimension and twinkling fairy lights to make to sparkle.  Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make your own snowflake garland this holiday season.

DIY Paper Snowflake Garland

This snowflake garland celebrates winter and is an elegant and classy way to decorate your home for the holidays.

The snowflake garland is made using my snowflake bundle cut files and cardstock paper.  You can string them on a ribbon or use fairy lights to bring out the holiday magic.

Because these are layered designs you can use the middle layer as an accent.  Pick any color cardstock that goes with your holiday decor.  Think icy blues, silver, gold, or any color.  The possibilities are endless.

Let me show you how to make this Snowflake Garland using Cricut Design Space.

This can also be made using a Silhouette, Brother Scan n Cut, or another cutting machine.  Just choose the file type that works for your machine.  You can reference the ‘How to use cut files’ document included in the zip file to learn which file type is needed for your cutting machine.

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Materials & Supplies


Insert the Snowflake Bundle onto your Canvas

Insert the Snowflake Bundle onto your Canvas

Below is what the design will look like when you add it to Cricut Design Space.

Snowflake Bundle in Cricut Design Space

First, make sure you have the colors the way you want them.  Each snowflake has three different colors.  For my garland, I’m going to make the 1st and 3rd layers the same color (white gold), and the middle layer a second color (silver).

To easily change the colors, select Color Sync at the top of the Layers Panel.

Hit Color Sync at the top of the Layers Panel

These layers are not in order.  The middle light blue row is actually the 3rd layer (bottom layer) of the snowflake.  To make that layer the same as the top layer, simply drag that row to the top row.

Drag and drop the middle row to the top row.

Now the 1st and 3rd snowflake layers are the same color and the middle layer will be the accent color.  You can, of course, use any color combination you’d like.  Click Layers at the top of the Layers Panel to get back.

Now the 1st and 3rd layers are the same color.

For the Snowflake Garland, I made 8 snowflakes for each fairy light string and kept the snowflakes 5″ tall.

First, select the snowflakes and ungroup them by clicking Ungroup at the top of the Layers Panel.

If you want to resize them, first click Ungroup at the top of the Layers Panel and then select each snowflake and edit the size in the Edit Toolbar at the top of the Canvas.

Ungroup the Snowflake Bundle

On the next screen, we’ll create two copies of these snowflakes to make our 8 snowflakes.

Click Make It in the upper-right hand corner and you’ll be taken to the prepare screen.

Increase the Project Copies at the top to 2 so it’ll make 8 total snowflakes. Here you’ll also want to select your material size.

Make 2 copies of the project and select the material size

Now it’s time to connect to your machine and select your material.  For all of my layered designs, I use the Cardstock (for intricate cuts) setting.

This setting along with a clean, sticky mat will ensure you have a nice, clean-cut.

Connect to your Cricut and select Cardstock for Intricate cuts setting

Assembling the Layered Snowflakes and Garland


Snowflake Layers


Use foam adhesive to put the snowflake layers together

For this project, I used 0.25-inch adhesive foam circles.

Use foam adhesive in the same spot to get an even rise

For the 2nd and 3rd layer, instead of the foam adhesive in the middle, add one of the 3D Pop Up dots in the middle of the second layer.

Add a 3D Pop up to the middle of the second layer

The fairy lights will be placed between the 2nd and 3rd layers.  Place one of the fairy light bulbs onto the 3D Pop Up Dot.

Place the fairy lights over the second layer

Next, flip over the top two layers and the fairy lights and place it on top of the third layer making sure to align the edges.

Place the second layer with the fairy lights on top of the third layer

Here’s what the snowflake looks like on the fairy light.  Continue this for the remainder of the snowflakes.  I added snowflakes on every other fairy light bulb on the string.

The fairy lights will be set between the second and third layers

The fairy lights will bounce off the third layer and show light through the top layers making a truly magical snowy garland.

Snowy Garland Fairy Lights


Magical Snowy Garland

This snowflake garland makes a great photo prop for your holiday pictures.  You can display them on your mantle, windows, a wall, or even hang it from the ceiling.

They are a beautiful accent for any winter celebration.

Ready to make your own?

Click here to download

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DIY Paper Snowflake Garland with Free Cut Files

Make a DIY Snowflake Garland with Fairy Lights