How to Make Holiday Glass Blocks with Window Cling

DIY Holiday Glass Blocks with Window Cling

These holiday glass blocks with lights make an easy way to decorate for the holidays using a multi-layer design and window cling material from Cricut. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make your own holiday glass blocks project this holiday season.

Holiday Glass Blocks with Window ClingHoliday Glass Blocks with Window Cling

Add warm winter glow and just the right amount of sparkle with these Holiday Glass Blocks.

These are made using my layered letter designs, glass blocks, and window cling.  Yep, that’s right I said window cling!

If you’re a fan of vinyl and haven’t tried window cling yet, head to your local craft store right now.  No, wait at least until the end of this tutorial. 

This material has become one of my favorites to work with.   It cuts just like vinyl and is just as fun to weed.  I only wish Circuit made it in more colors. 

Keep in mind this is not the same as removable vinyl.  Removable vinyl is a strong adhesive and isn’t meant to be removed and reused.  Window cling is a non-adhesive material that’s meant to be reused and rearranged over and over.

NOEL Holiday Glass Blocks

What I love most about this material is that you don’t have to commit to what you’re making!  Today it says NOEL and maybe next year I want it to say something else.  It’s so easy to remove them and reuse them.  I love it!

The window cling material can be used on most non-porous surfaces but today I’m using them on glass blocks.  The glass blocks have a removable stop that allows you to add decorative lighting, mini ornaments, flowers, you name it.

Let me show you how to make holiday glass blocks in Cricut Design Space using my Holiday Layered Alphabet.

This can also be made using a Silhouette, Brother Scan n Cut, or another cutting machine.  Just choose the file type that works for your machine.  You can reference the ‘How to use cut files’ document included in the zip file to learn which file type is needed for your cutting machine.

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Materials & Supplies


Upload the Layered Letter Cut Files to Cricut Design Space

Insert Holiday Layered Letters into Cricut Design Space



Resize the Holiday Layered Letters to fit your Glass Block

Resize the remaining letters.

Resize the remaining holiday layered letters


Note:  You can mirror the design and place each layer on top of each other using the backing of the window cling by flipping it over.  I like to use transfer tape similar to using permanent vinyl so I can line up the layers better.  Either way works.

Select the Material Size for the Layered Letters on the Prepare Screen

Select the Window Cling material setting

Weeding the Window Cling

Weed the window cling as you would vinyl

Window cling weeds similar to vinyl.  If any piece comes up just lightly pat it back in place.

Window Cling weeds similar to vinyl

Once you have all of the letters weeded use scissors to cut out each individual letter so you can layer them.

Once you have all of the letters weeded it's time to layer them.

Assembling the Layered Letters

Cut a piece of transfer tape slightly bigger than the size of the letters.  Make sure you don’t use transfer tape that is too sticky or you won’t be able to get the letters off.

I love the Frisco Craft Transfer Tape because it has just the right amount of stickiness for my projects.  But even for this project, I rub the transfer tape on my shirt or pants before applying it to the letters.

Starting with the top layer, apply the transfer tape.  Then remove the backing from the window cling.

Apply the transfer tape to the top layer

Next, apply the top layer to the second layer.  Then remove the backing from the window cling of the second layer.

Apply the top layer to the second layer and remove the backing.

Repeat until you have assembled all five layers.

Repeat until you have assembled all five layers.

Applying the Window Cling to the Glass Blocks

Once you have all five layers of the letter, apply the layers to the glass block.

Apply the letter to the glass block.

Slowly remove the transfer tape from the top layer.  Now that the letters are layered you can remove them and reuse them however you’d like.

Slowly remove the transfer tape from the top layer.

Now let’s make these glass blocks even more festive, shall we?  Fill the glass block with fairy lights, flowers, or even mini ornaments.

Fill the glass block with fairy lights, flowers or even mini ornaments.

Here’s a look at my finished NOEL Holiday Glass Blocks.

My finished Noel Holiday Glass Blocks

This creates truly unique holiday home decor and can be displayed in entryways, on bookshelves, or even under the tree.  You’ll have so much fun making this one!

Ready to make your own?

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DIY Holiday Glass Blocks using Window Cling

DIY Holiday Glass Blocks with Window Cling