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DIY Paper Snowflake Wreath-01

How to Make a DIY Paper Snowflake Wreath

Make a DIY Layered Snowflake Wreath This beautiful paper snowflake wreath uses multi-layer snowflakes to create dimension and gorgeous pearl embellishments to make it timeless.  Follow this step-by-step tutorial to…

Monogrammed Waterslide Decal Mug

How to Make a Monogrammed Mug with Waterslide Decal Paper

Make a Holiday Waterslide Decal Mug This holiday coffee mug uses a multi-layer design and special waterslide decal paper to easily make your own personalized mug at home. Follow this…

DIY Holiday Monogrammed Pillow

How to Make a Monogrammed Holiday Pillow

DIY Monogrammed Christmas Pillow This monogrammed pillow makes a great personalized gift for the holiday season and a great way to decorate for the holidays using a multi-layer design and…

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