Silhouette Fan Club

Perfect! When I send emails other than my designs I’ll make sure the information is relevant to you.  

As a thank you, I made this Silhouette Cameo design just for you.  Use it to make stickers, a decal, sublimation, and more!

Okay so a bit about me.  This is me.  

Maggie from Maggie Rose Design Co

​​I started this Maggie Rose Design Co.  so I could share my designs with people who also have a passion for crafting.  

The truth is though, I didn’t always have this passion.  I never thought of myself as the creative type until one magical day when, on a whim, I decided to buy the Cricut Maker.  Cue the angels singing!  That day changed my life and opened up this whole version of myself I didn’t even know existed. 

Through lots of trial and error, I quickly fell in love with all this machine could do, especially making my own designs. I can now say I found some creativity inside me that truly didn’t exist before.  And It brings me so much joy to see so many people, just like you, who have downloaded one (or all) of my designs.  It makes my heart burst.  

But do you want to know what’s missing?  

I want to see what you’re making!  Share what you’ve made by sending me an email or tagging me on Instagram and let me know if I can feature you in my next newsletter.  

And who knows, you might get some orders and start a side hustle as a result.  (Sales not guaranteed but who doesn’t love to share their love-infused creations!).  I can’t wait to see what you’ve made. 

Until next time, Happy Crafting!