Teaching Is Us DIY Rustic Wood Sign

Looking for the perfect DIY gift for teachers? This Teaching Is Us cut file
makes an amazing DIY wooden sign teachers will love!  

Teaching Is Us Sign

I love the “This is us” signs that are flooding Etsy right now.  This design is inspired by those but I’ve gone a little outside the box to create a sign for our beloved teachers.

School is ending soon and I want to make the teachers something they could use in their classroom or hang somewhere in the school.  My kids have multiple teachers so this is a bit of a group gift and I’ll add on a personal Apple Gift Cardholder with a special gift card for each teacher.

This design was made using Peony Hearts and Mistletoe fonts.  The Peony Hearts font has adorable heart dotted letters that make it perfect for this design.  The Mistletoe font is one of my favorite font duos and I actually use the Mistletoe Sans font in a lot of my designs.

First, you need to have a blank sign.  You can find prepared rustic wood signs on Etsy but they are a bit expensive and they take weeks to arrive.  I’ve found it’s much easier just to make my own sign.

How to Make A DIY Rustic Wood Sign

This rustic wood sign is easy to make and will cost much less than purchasing online.  Plus, you can make it the exact size and colors you want.

Materials & Supplies

How to make a DIY rustic wood sign


    1. Cut an 8″ x 16″ piece of 3/4″ thick plywood.  If you don’t have a circular saw at home, ask them to cut it for you at the hardware store.
    2. Cut 2 pieces of 1×2 to 16″ long and 2 pieces to 10″ long.
    3. Paint the plywood.  These signs look great painted white or with black chalkboard paint.
    4. Stain or paint the frame.  I used a stain that mimics the rustic wood look.
      IMPORTANT: There are a few ways to get the design on the sign but my favorite, BY FAR, is to use iron-on vinyl.  Learn more about the options below.  However, I have to mention it here because I like to iron on the vinyl to the plywood before I put the frame on.  It’s much easier to use my EasyPress, which I prefer over my household iron when the frame isn’t on yet.


  1. Using wood glue and 1 1/4″ long finishing nails, attach the 16″ 1×2 boards to either end of the plywood.  Make sure the bottom of the 1×2 board is flush with the back of the plywood.
  2. Finish off the frame by attaching the remaining 10″ 1×2 boards to the sides with wood glue and 1 1/4″ long finishing nails.

8x16 DIY Rustic Wood Sign

See how easy that was!  You can make these signs any size you would like just make sure the left and right side of the frame is 2 inches longer than the height of your frame.

How to Get the Design on the Sign

There are a few options for placing the design on the sign:

  1. Use vinyl to create a stencil and paint the words onto the sign
  2. Use adhesive vinyl and place the design on the sign using transfer tape
  3. Use iron-on vinyl and your EasyPress or iron to adhere the vinyl to the sign

My favorite way to create wood signs is to use iron-on vinyl.  Call me lazy but it’s easier and cleaner for me to cut out iron-on vinyl and adhere it using my EasyPress.

Using adhesive vinyl looks similar but can be a frustrating process getting the vinyl to stick to the transfer tape and then getting the vinyl off of the transfer tape onto the sign.

Cutting out a stencil and painting the design onto the sign is messy and it’s too easy to accidentally get paint under the stencil and there go your crisp lines.

Using iron-on vinyl is as easy as setting my EasyPress to 300° for 40 seconds and violà you have a finished sign.

IMPORTANT:  Remember when using iron-on vinyl to Mirror the design before printing it otherwise you’ll waste material and have to cut it again.

And there you have it, an easy way to make a ‘Teaching is us’ wood sign, perfect for a DIY gift for teachers!


Click Here to Download Teaching Is Us Cut Files

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Teaching Is Us SVG Cut Files

Teacher Gift Idea - Teaching Is us DIY Wood Sign