The World’s Greatest Dad T-Shirt

Looking for an SVG design for Dad? The World’s Greatest Dad design
makes a great DIY t-shirt for dad he’ll be sure to wear proudly.  

The World's Greatest Dad T-Shirt

I love Creative Market!  It’s my go-to spot for fonts and inspiration.  I’ve also purchased a lot of other fun things from there.  Their whole concept is providing the tools for businesses to do business.  So whether that’s fonts, graphics images, or templates, they have the best of the best designers to help you succeed in your business.

One of my favorite things about them is the freebies they provide every Monday.  I’ve gotten so many fun fonts, patterns, and mockups from these weekly freebies.  This week they had a cool vintage font called Loma.  It’s inspired by vintage stamps on old envelopes.

It comes with two different style fonts, either a solid font or the vintage-looking, grungey font.  The solid font is better for use with a cutting machine but the vintage style font would look amazing if you’re using sublimation or screen printing.

It even came with an Adobe Illustrator file of seven stamp templates.

Loma Vintage Style Font

I used the first template and the solid Loma font to create The World’s Greatest Dad design for Father’s Day.

2016 is the year my husband became a Father but you can easily swap out the Est. year.  There’s a separate design file for the years 1979 – 2022.  Need a different year?  Just email me and I’d be happy to add more years to the file.

Here’s How to Update the Est. Year

Follow these easy steps to update the Est. Year in The World’s Greatest Dad design using Cricut Design Space.

Open Cricut Design Space and click the + to create a new project.

In the Design Panel on the left, select “Upload.”

Click Upload Image, then Browse, and navigate to The World’s Greatest Dad file on your device to upload it to Cricut Design Space.  Here you can change the name and add tags. Click “Save.”

Upload The World's Greatest Dad SVG to Cricut Design Space

Once you have the file uploaded, select it and click “Insert Images” to bring it onto your canvas.

Select The World's Greatest Dad Design and Insert Image to the Canvas

You’ll see the seven layers in the Layers Panel on the right side of your screen.

Important: Before moving forward, resize the design to your desired size.  I made mine 8 inches wide.

Hide the design by selecting the Eye in the layers panel.

Resize the design before moving forward

Next, follow the same steps for uploading and inserting the Est Years files.

Upload and insert the Est Years design into Cricut Design Space

Ungroup the layers by selecting the design and clicking Ungroup at the top of the Layers Panel.

Ungroup the Est Years

Select the year you want to use in your design and move it to the side.  Drag your mouse across all of the other years and hit Delete or click the X in the upper left-hand corner.

Select the year you want and delete the other years

You may have some stragglers at the bottom so check the Layers Panel to make sure you deleted the years you don’t want.

Next, Unhide the original design by clicking the Eye in the Layers Panel.

Unhide the original design in the Layers Panel by clicking the Eye

Since the design is the exact size you want it to be, you want to make sure the new year is the same size as the date that’s originally on the design.

Click the 2016 date and take note of the size in the Edit Tool Bar above the Canvas.  With a design of 8 inches wide, my 2016 was 1.93 inches wide by 0.455 inches tall.

Select the new year and resize it to match the same width as the original year.  I’ve updated mine to be 1.93 inches wide.

Resize the new Year to be the same width as the original year

Delete the 2016 and place 2008 in the same spot.  I placed the new year over the old year and lined up the numbers that were the same to get it in the same spot.  Then selected the year 2016 in the Layers Panel and clicked Delete.

Place the new year in the same spot as the original year and delete the original year

Finally, select all the layers by dragging your mouse across the design or hitting CTRL/CMD + A and click Attach at the bottom of the Layers Panel.

This will ensure the design is cut exactly how it’s shown on your Canvas so it’ll be easy to weed and iron-on.

Select all of the layers and click Attach at the bottom of the Layers Panel
Now you’re ready to cut the design.  Click Make It in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  If you’re using this for a t-shirt make sure to Mirror the image before you cut.

Click Make It and Mirror the image on the Prepare Screen.

There you have it, an easy way to make The World’s Greatest Dad t-shirt!


Click Here to Download The World's Greatest Dad SVG Cut Files

Please remember these are for personal use only.  If you’re looking to sell products using these designs please purchase a Commercial Use License here

The World's Greatest Dad SVG Cut Files

The World's Greatest Dad SVG Cut Files

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